Miss Lebanon Australia Beauty Pageant 2014 Winner: Cynthia Farah

This year marks the Fourteenth Anniversary of the Miss Lebanon Australia Beauty Pageant, directed by Mr Joe Khoury, OAM, held on the 27th 2014, at the Doltone house. Mr. Joe Khoury described the event as, “Celebrating Lebanon’s heritage through the eyes of the next generation, with beautiful young Lebanese Australians facing the challenges of representing the interests of Lebanon, both in Australia and overseas.” Throughout the years, The Miss Lebanon Australian Beauty Pageant proved to be an ongoing successful event, personifying the combination of beauty and intelligence, to define the 21st century.  Certain criteria, contributed to defining quality, which was based on the elements of culture, charity, grace, sensitivity, traditions and other strong values. This year, 11 gorgeous young ladies were competing for the event.
The event was of a great success and received huge support among the Community members of Australia, including leaders from all categories of business, politicians, journalists, writers, artists, professionals and other community leaders.   
This year’s winner was Cynthia Farah. “Congratulations to Farah for this victory, which is the triumph of the Lebanese Community in Australia and Lebanon, May God bless you always.” On stage, Cynthia displayed many emotions which cannot be described, as she cried from shock and happiness. The first runner -up was Vanessa Tamar, and the second runner up was Sarah Habib
They all appeared charming in their casual jeans, swimsuits, and evening dresses, parading on the Catwalk, and answering questions with smartness. Cynthia Farah won the Judges ‘final decision with her beauty, intelligence and persuasive personality’.  

Last year’s winner of the Miss Lebanon Australia Beauty Pageant 2013 was Miss Diala Bachour. Miss Layla Yarak was also the winner of Miss Lebanon International who represented Lebanon Australia in the Miss International Beauty Pageant 2013 in Japan. We wish them both every success in their future.
The rest of the contestants included, Christina Barakat, Gemma Sarkis, Reina Chehab, Micheline Mokadassi, Jasmine Hamade, Rema Jamal, Natalie Fahd, Kelly O’connor, Taylor Fahd, and Natalie Saade. They were all beautiful, each presented with a well deserved gift, and awarded with the prizes of Miss Photogenic, Congeniality, Elegance, Intelligence, Personality, and The Best Smile.
Thank you to Monie Gabriel  for her tireless work, who has been the Head of the Miss Lebanon Beauty and Art Department, for fourteen years,  and to Suzie Touk the Miss Lebanon Event Coordinator for her caring nature.  Ms Ella Elias and Mr Joe Shear the Master of Ceremony (MC), successfully hosted the event with a positive unique impact through their momentous intuition and flexibility. There was a verity of entertainment including Oriental Dance and singing, with the audience well entertained and motivated throughout the night. 
Once again, congratulations to Cynthia Farah who won the Crown, the Winner of Miss Lebanon Australia Beauty Pageant 2014, and congratulations to the Director Joe Khoury, who started the Lebanese Pageant in Australia, back in the year 2000. Further, not to forget, a tribute to all the Supporters, Community Leaders and Members, including the Panel of Judges. 

The event was well attended, well received and memorable. 
Marcelle Mansour



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