Maronite-On-Mission return following a fulfilling mission in the Philippines

Writes Angela Arraj

On the 7th of January, Maronite-On-Mission, MOM, a group of 21 individuals (consisting of doctors, dentists, teachers, IT specialists and volunteers) left Australia and headed to the Philippines on a mission to assist the poor medically, socially, educationally and spiritually. 

On our first stop to Manila, our eyes were open to the poverty in the streets, with some families residing in one by two-metre boxes and others living in condensed, humid, broken and derelict areas. It would be wrong to call these homes as they were more so spaces of occupation.  

After a day spent in the capital, accompanied with Bishop Antoine-Charbel Tarabay, we flew to Naga where our main work began. 

Approximately fifty brothers welcomed us to their monastery and assisted us in our humane mission. 

The remaining ten days consisted of providing food packages to the poorest of the poor (those living in rubbish dumpsters), providing medical healthcare (tooth extractions, vaccinations, diagnosis, drug treatment etc), education to the youth and visiting the disabled and sick. 

Prior to the beginning of this mission, many of MOM’s members had prepared what we were going to provide to these disadvantaged people in the Philippines. Little did we know that the Philippinos would give us more than we had given them: The love, faith and community spirit.

The experience learnt from this mission was phenomenal. Whilst having nothing, the joy and gratitude on each individual’s face was seen at all times. 

Although many of us have a list of requirements for content living, the members of MOM certainly returned to Australia with a replenished and lively soul filled with Christ and His love. 

“Al Mustaqbal” congratulates Bishop Antoine Tarabay and all the members of Maronite-On-Mission on their excellent and successful mission to the Philippines and for providing help to people in dire need.



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