Archbishop Theodosios Hanna Receives the UPF Award in Australia/ Marcelle Mansour

Archbishop Atallah Hanna Receives the UPF Award      
 Marcelle Mansour and Archbishop Atallah Hanna

Marcelle Mansour wrote:
During his three weeks visit from Jerusalem to Sydney, on Monday September 23, 2013 Archbishop Theodosios of Sebastia, from the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Jerusalem (Attalla Hanna) has received the (UPF) Universal Peace Federation Award in Australia as a part of the celebration of the United Nations’ International Day of Peace. Archbishop Hanna is known as the Arab spokesman of the churches and an articulate defender of Palestinian Rights. He has delivered the keynote speech at the Universal Peace Federation Australia, reflecting the wonderful sense of faith and love for peace and humanity.
Archbishop Hanna explained the Palestinians’ cause and their suffering under the Israeli occupation and he mentioned that the Christian churches have signed the document of Kairos Palestine three years ago for the peace of the world and has urged everyone to read it. 

He also discussed the current unfortunate inhuman violence, terrorism and slaughter that carried out in the Middle East by the Islamic fundamentalist extremists who are kidnapping bishops, attacking Christians, churches, and public civilians, and entities. 
Theodosios also has highlighted the importance of Christianity in spreading the word of love and peace all over the world saying, the Orthodox Church in Jerusalem is the mother of all churches. “Christianity is not imported; it has been there in Palestine where Jesus was born, lived, crucified and resurrected.” He said. “Jesus wants us to love each other and to prey for our enemies for guidance in the light of justice and peace.” 
He also said that Palestine is the cradle of Christianity which was centered in the triangle of Jerusalem, Antioch, and Alexandria with respect to Istanbul and the Vatican. It is also the place which embraces the three major world religions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. He also added that all people are created by God equal with no discrimination. Theodosios invited all people from all religions and no religions to work together for the achievement of peace and he stressed the point that Palestinians are seeking a civil state to live under the dignity of freedom and democracy.
In conclusion, Archbishop Hanna praised the Australian country which plays a role model in the coexistence of a successful multiculturalism in harmony.  He also directed his thanks and appreciation to all the members of the universal Peace Federation for their tireless efforts in working for peace and hoped that peace prevail the world. 



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