To Charbel Baini and Dr. Sharobeem/ Youel Eshay

It is an interesting article and I venture to respond commenting on contents and certain aspects of it that are disparaging to say the least.
Dr. Eman Sharobeem must be commended for her active role in banning Female Circumcision but that will have to be given careful consideration since it will have severe ramifications on the believes and rituals of some who are religiously indoctrinated.
I will not indulge in the rights or wrongs of religious sacraments which will lead us to the days of Pharos ending with Father Awraheem claiming that circumcision was a part of the Covenant to inherit Paradise and Kingdom of Heaven.
Therefore, under such pretenses and Beliefs circumcised males are only permitted to inherit Heaven but not the Females.
Subsequent faith introduced it to the Females in order to avoid discrimination and allow Females to inherit the Heaven thus believing in equality as we know it today.
Of course that is nonsense and unacceptable.
So to ban FGM which is a rite amongst certain faith it is quite obvious you have to ban MGM and that will cause an uproar in certain sectors of our community which could easily extend to include baptism, communion, fasting and other religious rites that we have inherited from our forefathers, because as we say "what is good for the goose is good for the gander".
As I said I will avoid the religious aspect and concentrate on contents of your article:
Firstly you resembled the circumcised Female to a Rubber Dole which in itself is an insult to a grown-up Female that lacks orgasm but in the meantime becomes wonderful Wife, Bearing and then becoming a wonderful Mother raising a well disciplined family which truly compensates her for few seconds of pleasure. That perpetual pleasure that a Circumcised Female feels surpasses all the pleasures that a Male can experience after his ejaculation. Such divine experience that a Female is blessed with, will never be achieved by a Rubber Dole. Hence your resemblance is out of prejudice and to my way of my understanding quite repulsive and affront to all those circumcised Females that excelled being Wives, Mothers, Educators not to mention renowned Entertainers emerging from countries that
circumcision is prevalent.
Secondly, the article accuses the authorities of turning a blind eye in order to pacify or gratify certain sectors of a voting region as if they are breaking the Law.
You know that in this country we experience Freedom of Religion and Faith(Article 18) and the authorities cannot intervene what is legally their right, so the article implies that such rituals be impounded and those involved be persecuted. That is against the Freedom that we exercise in this country, and any suggestion will only be considered as prejudice against a certain sector of our community that we cherish and would like to live with in peace and harmony under the protective legislations honoring our rights as well as our obligations.
Thirdly, the article unashamedly proposes that the Law-makers assert that any person causing the obliteration of a female's "Clitoris" be punished by cutting his Sexual organ ie "Penis" so that, that person suffers the same way she does.
My question to you Mr.Cherbel and Dr.Eman is what if the person is a religiously devoted Woman that shares the same views as her male counterpart and gets involved in circumcising her daughter?
Would the law apply to her and which organ of hers will be whittled?
Finally, we all are the product of a Female and that is why she deserves all sorts of accolades, respect as well as admiration for the exceptional role she plays in our society and to concentrate on the trivia sexual topics ignoring the other important roles is well and truly demeaning to her character as a companion that God created to perfect his Creation. Such chauvinistic articles written out of prejudice against a sector of our community could be self-fulfilling but totally damaging.
There is more than circumcision of a female that we should be concerned with, to project the contribution of our community to the new-found-land that has embraced us as intellectual migrants and not just process workers.
Thank you for publishing my response.
Youel Eshay ( M: 0414-559027)



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